KB Pizza dough balls are made from a high-gluten flour. The ingredients create a fluffy outer edge, and a moist texture that allows them to be easily stretched into various shapes and sizes.

Dough balls offer quality and consistency without the expense of owning and maintaining dough-mixing equipment. To ensure the best baking results, rotate refrigerated dough balls and maintain an accurate rotation list. The product should be fully thawed in a refrigerator for a minimum of 24-hours before shaping.

Dough Balls

Dough balls, after they are fully thawed, can be refrigerated for a maximum of three days. If the product is completely thawed and the yeast has been activated, do not freeze.

Download a PDF Version of our Dough Balls Brochure:

Frozen Dough Balls


  • No mixing equipment required
  • Prep time eliminated
  • Pre-sized for portion control
  • Minimal training required
  • No inventory of dough ingredients, such as flour, salt and yeast
  • Individually wrapped dough balls
  • Simplify your operation without sacrificing quality
  • Finished product stays moist under pizza warmer for extended period

Product Weight (in ounces)

6 12 18 24
8 14 20 26
10 16 22 28